DA Contextual Essay

Pitch Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkR27gmjJJY&t=7s

Beta Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osU-DYpwEfM&t=32s

Digital Artefact: @the_tattered_passport

When looking at my DA and adapting it to the future prospects, I found it quite difficult. Considering my Digital artefact is a travel Instagram – inspired by international travel and different cultures my initial reaction was to change my DA (that I have done for the past 3 years at university) all together. However, as more opportunities came up to travel interstate, I thought this would be a great series to document. My overall goal, throughout my whole 3 years of this DA, has been to promote travel and inspire others to share their experiences – ultimately, this is still my goal now focusing primarily on domestic travel.

Readings such as Impact of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry and LIVE BLOG: Coronavirus and the travel industry – impact and recovery were predominate articles in teaching me about the full extent of Covid impacts on the tourism industry. With this, I also had primary research from my Mother and Father who both work in the tourism industry and again have witnessed, and experienced, these impacts.

Truthfully, I found every tutorial material relevant, in some way, to my DA. When the news came out about Covid, it felt like a movie, a dystopian right before our eyes. Every film introduced a new layer of this. This idea of technology taking over was extremely predominate in most films. Considering my DA is based on social platforms and I’m using technology as a means to communicate to those on the other side of the globe, parallels were made between my DA and the tutorial material.

This time around, I have really focused on two-way communication throughout my DA. I have introduced polls, reels and hashtags as a means to communicate with different demographics and generate engagement. I found the reel to be most successful on my channel.

Following from this, polls have been a highlight. Polls are a great way to encourage others to have opinion and further generate that two-way communication.

Through feedback from peers, I have been able to create a page that focuses more on engagement with others rather than following. My comments, likes and views have all increased by making changes to the content I post. Something recommended to me was utilising hashtags and captions. My captions now explain the destination in a short one liner. Hashtags are also included to target the correct demographic. I have noticed that by doing this, traction has increased as has likes and comments.

Overall, my DA, The Tattered Passport has developed greatly over these past three years but especially through this last year. Covid has played a big impact in everyone’s lives in one way or another. Looking specifically at the tourism industry, I can understand the importance of travelling domestically and I encourage others to, safely, support local and explore their on state. I have learnt so much this time around and have seen some awesome places in the process. From here, I will continue to stay engaged with my following and will utilize my learnings to create a platform that inspires others to support local

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